This multi-use guestroom project I named the "Cedar Room" because of the abundant use of cedar within the space. This was a fun and challenging space as the home owner needed it to function as both a home gym and a guest room while keeping it artistic, comfortable and classy. The solution was creating a custom one of a kind custom Murphy bed that folds up into a high contrast wood -and leather modern cabinet with rustic stud detail. The bi-fold closet door were refaced to match the cabinet.  The walls were clad in cedar planks with half the room being in gray tones and the other in a white wash and natural finish.  The wall the bed faces was turned into a one of a kind modern wood mosaic wall creating a bold artistic view. A vintage locker was acquired, refinished and customized to house the homeowners running equipment. A new geometric modern cage light chandelier was added along with the homeowners collection of unique rustic art and accessories.