Custom Furnishings

In many of my interior design projects, I like to customize, recycle and update antique, vintage and thrifty furniture finds into new one of a kind pieces of artisan furniture. These may come from antique stores or even be an existing piece of furniture you already have, but would like to keep and give it a fresh look. From sophisticated to funky, I can create custom recycled furniture to fit your style and space often at a significant value over purchasing new custom designer pieces. New pieces are added as needed for each design, but there's nothing like an artisan one of a kind piece to make your space truly unique.

Furniture isn't the only thing that can be recycled / upcycled into beautiful and functional pieces.  I've turned galvanized pans into sinks, church windows into screened porch walls, century old ice tongs into paper towel holders and even cattle stock tanks into firewood holders. Creative and unconventional solutions are one of my specialties that can turn your space into a functional work of art.


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